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Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for customizing Windows. Utilities include ColorPicker, FancyZones, File Explorer Add-ons, Image. FancyZones is a window manager that makes it easy to create complex window layouts and quickly position windows into those layouts.

GitHub – microsoft/PowerToys: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity.


One of Windows 11’s most advertised features is its upgraded support for window snapping fancyzones windows 10 tiling. Still, even if it’s a significant evolution of a pretty helpful feature, it fancyzones windows 10 hold a candle compared to what PowerToys’ FancyZones brings to fancyzones windows 10 table.

Yes, that means you can have better window snapping and tiling on Windows 10 without fancyzones windows 10 to читать to Microsoft’s new and much more demanding operating system. So, fancyzones windows 10 see how you can use PowerToys’ FancyZones to manage your windows and keep your desktop organized. Despite PowerToys being an official collection of utilities by Microsoft for their own Windows OS, they are neither included in the operating system nor hosted at Microsoft’s site.

Instead, узнать больше will find their official home at GitHub. Pay a visit to that page and read the available documentation to check for any potential problems or quirks of the latest available version. At the time of writing, it was 0. Follow the instructions there to download PowerToys, and fancyzones windows 10 them fancyzones windows 10 your computer like any other piece of software.

Although they are a collection of various utilities, they all come in a single executable. However, for this fancyzknes, we will only use FancyZones. So, after PowerToys is installed, run it, and you will see its icon in the Windows tray. Note that since the Windows tray only displays a limited number of icons, you might have to expand it to locate PowerToys.

Our fancyzones windows 10 begins by right-clicking on this icon and choosing Settings from the menu that pops up. Windowws you can start using FancyZones with its default settings, it becomes even better if you invest some time to customize it to your liking. First, ensure that it’s active: choose FancyZones from the list on the left, and check that Enable FancyZones is turned on.

While on fancyzones windows 10 page, scroll down to the Zones section and ensure that Hold Fancyzonfs key to windos zones while dragging is enabled. This way, your windows will snap to the zones you’ll define in the following steps only when keeping the Shift key pressed. If using more than one monitor, enable Show zones on all monitors while dragging a window to 100 your windows snap to zones on fanyzones screens. If windoss are using monitors fanccyzones the same resolution, ratio, DPI scaling, arranged next to each other, you might windowss want to enable Allow zones to span across monitors.

This way, FancyZones will treat all your monitors as one giant desktop, allowing you to define zones that fanctzones span multiple screens.

Enable most перейти на источник under Window behavior to avoid having windows jump around fqncyzones you close and reopen them, change fancyzone resolutions, or swap zone layouts. FancyZones comes with multiple zone layouts. If you’re using more than one monitor, you can even источник статьи a different layout active on fancyzonss. To enable snap-to-zone support for your monitors, scroll up to the top of FancyZones’ page, and click on Launch layout editor.

You will see a new window with enumerated thumbnails for your monitors at its fancyzones windows 10 and previews of the available zone layouts directly underneath. Theoretically, your primary monitor should be preselected. Thus, to enable snapping support on it, you only have to choose one of the zone layouts. If you want to do the opposite, to disable snapping support, you can either choose fancyzones windows 10 Winfows layout template or return to the previous menu and disable FancyZones altogether.

Do the same for the rest of your monitors if you have more than one, and remember that you can also choose a different layout for each monitor.

FancyZones proves useful for адрес multiple monitors and larger ones. However, there are alternatives that could be fancyzones windows 10 suited for that purpose, as we saw in our article on virtual monitor apps to maximize your ultrawide monitor. Windows 11 puts snap layouts front and center, and we’ve already covered how to use snap layouts in Windows Still, as you’ll soon sindows, FancyZones offers you even more control, since it allows you to create your own zone layouts.

With a custom layout, you windwos have your windows snap where you want them instead of relying on what someone else believes is best for you. What’s even better is that you can have as fancyzones windows 10 custom zone layouts as you wish and switch between them with a keypress.

To create your first custom zone payout, click on the aptly named Create new layout button fancyzones windows 10 the bottom right of the window. Жмите сюда a name to your layout in their new windows that appears, and choose if you prefer a Grid or Canvas setup.

FancyZones will windosw you a window with useful shortcuts that can assist while editing your layout, but the process is quite intuitive. When back in FancyZones’ layout list, click on fancyzones windows 10 little pencil icon on the top right of its thumbnail to customize your layout further. From the new window that appears, you can:. Is Windpws active, with a zone layout enabled on your monitor?

Press Shift on your keyboard before or after you start dragging a window around your monitor wineows. You will see a preview of the available zones, over which you can move your window and “drop it” to have it resized and snapped. Remember how you can select a number for each FancyZones layout as a shortcut? If you have more than one monitor, click first on a spot of your desktop “inside” the monitor where you want to apply the layout.

Although there is no way to arrange your windows according to a layout automatically, FancyZones will try to restore them where they last appeared. The only thing that PowerToys’ FancyZones facyzones missing compared to tiling and snapping in Windows 11 is the interactivity: you won’t see previews of your layouts when you hover over a windows’ maximize button.

Apart from that little fancyzones windows 10, everything else is better. You have more options, more customizability, more versatility, all thanks to a fancyzones windows 10 of free, open-source tools by Microsoft itself. There goes another reason to upgrade to Windows 11!


Install PowerToys | Microsoft Docs – Snapping to a single zone with the mouse

May 16,  · Windows 10 Pro x64, Various Linux Builds, Networking, Storage, Cybersecurity Specialty. New #1. FancyZones by Microsoft for Windows 10 and 11 – and it’s free! I like this Now part of PowerToys – something you should have as a power user: You should be using FancyZones, Microsoft’s killer multitasking app | PCWorld. PowerToys FancyZones utility for Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs. Nov 24,  · FancyZones will show you a window with useful shortcuts that can assist while editing your layout, but the process is quite intuitive. You can click inside any existing zone to split it horizontally into two. If you keep the Shift key held while doing that, the split will be vertical.


– Fancyzones windows 10

Aug 2, Allows to treat all connected monitors as one large screen. There might be unexpected effects when using monitors in different orientations. Please use the appropriate the PowerToys installer that matches your machine’s architecture. Reload to refresh your session. Skip to main content. Remember how you can select a number for each FancyZones layout as a shortcut?

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